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Public procurement and competition 

Our law firm provides comprehensive legal services in the field of public procurement and competition. We provide our services to both contracting authorities and contracting entities and tenderers for public contracts. Legal services for our clients in the field of public procurement consist in the preparation and conduct of the entire procurement process. We will provide preparation of the description of the subject of the contract, the tender documents as well as other necessary documentation. 


The advantage of cooperating with a law firm or lawyer in a public procurement process is that a lawyer can move around in laws and not get lost in any encounter with a law other than the Public Procurement Act – and this often happens in public procurement. The lawyer does not have a narrow-profile perception of the procurement process as some prescribed "cookery recipe." It perceives public procurement as one of the possible procedures with specific rules and is therefore able to provide the client with a comprehensive service and protection of client's rights, taking into account all possible aspects and impacts of such a process on the client. 


It should be recalled here that the procurement process usually takes several weeks or months (depending on the type, difficulty or obstacles in the form of objections, etc.). However, with the contract resulting from the tendering procedure, the contracting entity usually 'lives' significantly longer. If the contract is not sufficiently prepared by an expert, a lawyer with experience in the field of public procurement or, if the contract is not prepared taking into account the procurement documents and the procurement process, such pre-prepared and non-predetermined model contracts are often a heavy burden on the contracting entity and a reason for unnecessary and serious disputes in the performance of such contracts. 


Cooperation with a lawyer is also safer and more effective in the case of proceedings before the authorities competent in the field of public procurement control (in particular the Public Procurement Office). The lawyer is trained and trained in proceedings before the authorities, controls the procedural rules, methodology, case-law, can work with them for the benefit of the client and the fair resolution of the dispute. It can formulate its submissions clearly and convincingly. He represents his client vigorously and at the same time he can negotiate. Communication between the client and the lawyer is also protected by legal secrecy. 


We provide our advice not only to contracting authorities/contracting entities, but also to tenderers in the process of preparing and submitting a tender for public procurement, or subsidies (including hpt, list of economic operators, etc.) and, of course, in the procurement process itself (including request for redress, objections, etc.), and finally in the performance of the contract. 


If you are interested in the above services, please contact our smid@grandoaklaw.com, or +421 911 345 245. 

Our lawyers dealing with the area: 
JUDr. Marek Šmid, LLB (Hons)