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Startups and Venture Capital 

A start-up is a business that is in the process of starting a business, but shortly after the business has started. It usually does not achieve significant sales in this initial phase, but it has a unique, interesting idea (know-how) that predisposes it to rapid growth. 


Our Grand Oak law firm understands start-up entrepreneurs very well. Grand Oak's early days were built largely on the creativity and energy of its founders. We decided to compete for a place in the marketplace by providing our clients with a new yet realistic vision of providing legal services in the 21st century. Thanks to a well-set strategy and a clear vision, we have been able to build a stable firm in a relatively short period of time, but one that must keep pace with the times and constantly innovate and improve every component of its operation. Without a sustainable business plan and a detailed strategy, Grand Oak would have lost "traction at the gate".  


Thanks to our experience, we also trust the idea of a start-up, we know and want to help in its difficult beginnings. On the one hand, a start-up builds on a new, innovative idea and on the energy of its founders. The creation of a start-up is therefore marked by a certain liveliness, which is necessary for a start-up to quickly find its place on the market. The founders usually focus on a common goal, they do not think about setting up internal structures, preparing for potential expansion, the legal stabilisation of the company, the protection of know-how and intellectual property, or a possible exit. Sometimes they cannot even realistically focus on these areas due to a lack of financial and time resources and insufficient previous experience. 


We understand that "legal setup" in the early days of a business may not have the primary focus of founders and may represent an unpopular expense item. We can help start-ups in this initial phase by working with them to focus on a common goal - i.e., the successful market entry and growth of the start-up. The question of our remuneration for services rendered is secondary at this point and therefore the start-up does not feel financial pressure and can focus on growth together with a stable partner by its side. If the start-up gains more stability in the market, Grand Oak gains a stable client with whom it shares energy and a proactive outlook on its existence, and this is a win-win for each of the parties involved.  


We are happy to help you prevent your business from ever becoming unprepared for investment, to take advantage of every opportunity, and to prevent, for example, an investor from withdrawing during the legal due diligence process due to non-compliance with the law at the start of your business. 


Our law firm stands by its clients from the birth of an idea (seed) to the establishment of a company (start-up) through expansion and investor entry (scale up) to exit. Each stage of a business has its own specifics, and our Grand Oak law firm can help you along the way in the following areas: 

- Legal review of your business model
- Setting up relationships between founders
‍- Advice on choosing the right legal form of business
We will explain the differences between companies in terms of possible internal setup, tax burden and attractiveness for investors 

‍- Advice and representation in establishing a company and obtaining business permits
Preparation of incorporation documents and other documents for obtaining the necessary business permits, including representation before supervisory authorities in regulated activities (e.g. in the energy and fintech sectors) and lease

‍- Protection of intellectual property and know-how 
Registration of trademarks, designs, technical solutions, patents and domain names, licensing 

‍- Privacy Policy (GDPR) 

‍- Employee relations setup 
Employment contracts, Employee incentive schemes, ESOP 

- Advice for your website 
Modifying terms and conditions, disclaimers and privacy policy, ePrivacy 

-Setting up business relationships with partners 

‍- Adjustment of lease relations 

‍- Financing the company and preparing the company for the entry of investors
From standard financing (bank loans), government schemes (grants and calls), entrepreneurial and startup initiatives (incubators and accelerators), institutional investors (venture capital, funds), individual enthusiasts (angel investors) to crowdfunding. 

‍- Expansion on the Slovak market but also to third countries
Establishment ofcompanies in other jurisdictions, purchase of competitors, franchising. 

- Preparing for the sale of the company, the departure of founders or investors, and preparing for a generational change of founders. 


- Legal advice on day-to-day matters as you build your business 


The consultancy in question is provided by a team of experts led by Marek Šmid, a partner of Grand Oak law firm. Contact him at smid@grandoaklaw.com or+421 911 345 245. 

Our lawyers dealing with the area: 
JUDr. Marek Šmid LLB (Hons)
Mgr. Lukáš Hradiský